Tom Udall on Climate/Environment

What Tom Udall Says:

“Man is now in charge of the thermostat for the globe …”

What Tom Udall Does:

Despite voting for all kinds of climate change legislation on both a national and international level, Tom Udall has not done much to affect Americans opinions on climate change. There has been no National legislation passed by Congress and signed by Presidents of either party to address the idea of climate change and global warming. There has been no international treaty that the U.S. has agreed to to address the idea that man is causing global warming and/or climate change. Tom Udall has taken lots of money from environmentalists, given a lot of speeches, run a lot of campaigns as a champion of nature, taken a lot of pokes at oil companies, taken money and given federal subsidies to alternative energy concerns that, at most, provide only 10% of our national energy needs. His main accomplishment is to beef up the Environmental Protection Agency and turn it into a bully that hinders states developing their own resources, individuals having control of their own property, and Americans dealing with a government out of control. He can do talk-a- thons but he has delivered very little to deal with climate change because the American public, overall, do not take the issue as religiously as he does.

As a true progressive liberal, a partisan Democrat who votes party line always, Tom Udall is not content to manage and control American cities, counties and states. He wants to control the nations of the world, and, ultimately, tame Mother Nature and the universe.