Tom Udall “On the Issues”

 Posted:  September 26, 2014

For voter’s convenience we have brought together an astounding amount of information on Tom Udall. We realize that many people don’t need or want information. They don’t question, don’t research, don’t evaluate those running for office. They take what the candidates say as the gospel. We are all guilty of voter negligence and won’t be put in jail for it, though maybe we should.

This link is to a synopsis of Tom Udall’s core values, a summary of his votes and positions in a lot of areas.

If you want to know about where he gets his money, his political ideology, his biographical info, his votes on very important legislation, you only have to click on the ABOUT TOM UDALL heading across the top menu of the site. You will get nice choices, easily marked.

We have done a lot of work for you.

Do a little work for us and research what Tom Udall SAYS and what Tom Udall DOES.

The party you thought you belonged too has changed since you registered. Now there are many of the opposite party who are more for the little guy than Tom Udall ever was.

“On the Issues” is a non-partisan educational site created by people who want you to know where candidates really stand.

At we have done our homework and evaluate Tom Udall from a Constitutional view with a desire to protect your individual freedoms from the groupthink rampant in our country. Tom Udall is a central planner, a big government devotee. He likes everyone to march in step to his ideas. You can join his parade if you wish but we see the floats in front of us falling over the cliff. We don’t want to go there.

Read, study, evaluate Tom Udall – then decide if we are really off the mark.

Full article here >>>.

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