Tom Udall and Washington, D.C.

What Tom Udall Says:

“Two things run deep in Tom Udall’s family: public service and a close connection to the American Southwest.”

What Tom Udall Does:

  1. Member political dynasty going back 100 years.

  2. Three members of family currently Congressmen.

  3. Father was Congressman from Arizona and U.S. Secretary of Interior.

  4. Career politician.

  5. Washington insider.

  6. Attended private schools in England to avoid Vietnam War.

  7. Lawyer.

  8. Multi-millionaire.

  9. Grew up in Washington D.C.

  10. Houses in Santa Fe, N.M. and Washington D.C.

  11. Jobs and political perks for daughter, son-in-law and wife.

  12. In Congress 20 years.

  13. Over half of funds for his campaigns come from Washington D.C.

  14. No adult business experience outside government and law.

  15. Wants Washington D.C. to have representation in Congress.

  16. Can’t remember the last time he did a town hall in New Mexico but you can believe that it was only open to his personally invited guests.

  17. Most time in New Mexico on official business.

  18. Didn’t grow up in New Mexico.