Tom Udall Opens Santa Fe Campaign Office: Faces Protest

 Posted:  August 2, 2014

This Saturday, according to the linked article below from the Santa Fe New Mexican, Tom Udall and his partner Al Franken are going to open Tom Udall’s campaign office at 1420 Cerillos Road in Santa Fe between 2:30 and 4:30 p.m.

The kicker is that there is a protest from a local group organized by a local lawyer who heads up a group called Santa Fe Committee Against Gaza Invasion.

They want to make sure Tom Udall gets the message that they want Tom Udall to stop voting for Israeli terrorism.

Tom Udall and others in the Senate passed a resolution, Senate Resolution 498, that lends U.S. support to Israel in its conflict with Hamas and other enemies in the area.

Tom Udall believes that Israel has a right to protect itself.

The question we have is whether the U.S, should be offering our support, as a country, to Israel and whether Tom Udall’s support just adds to the conflict. We do not argue that a country has a right to defend itself. What we do question is whether the U.S. should be taking sides, especially when we are supplying arms to all players in this deadly game.

Tom Udall believes in a negotiated agreement between the countries involved.

From our experience, Tom Udall has his reasons for signing on to Senate Resolution 498 and he will give the appearance of listening to his Santa Fe audience because they are his constituents.

One would think that the U.S. would have learned to keep out of the Mideast discussions by now.

One would think that Tom Udall would take a more pacifist approach to the problem.

Israel doesn’t need the backing of the U.S. Senate. It all looks like just another election year vote getting stunt to us.

It would be much better if Tom Udall suggested stopping arms sales to everyone in the area, in the interest of world peace.

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