Tom Udall: Part of the Ruling Elite

 Posted:  September 8, 2014

The Founders of this country had in mind the idea that the people (you and me) would elect citizens from our community to go and represent us in Congress. The representatives would be from all walks of life, would bring practical world experience to bear on problems that affected all of us not only in our smaller communities but the bigger country at large.

Somehow, this changed.

Now, we have political dynasties with the sons and daughters of Congressmen running and winning elections to Congress. Now, we have small families with connections and money holding the top leadership positions in the country and making decisions that affect all of us. We have a small elite of politicians that, like Hollywood, promote themselves, make their own movies, decide what we have to pay to play, and not so subtly influence and change a culture and way of life that used to be traditional, moral, and simple.

Tom Udall is part of the power brokers. He has been in power a long time – too long a time.

We send old horses out to pasture and Tom Udall is an old pony who needs to go to the back 40 acres where he can graze and talk over the fence to a few elephants about the old days in Congress where he passed a lot of legislation that helped the rich get richer, the poor get more benefits, and the middle class to pay for it all.

Go to the Battleground Issues section – Washington D.C. on this Website to get a feel for just how much we have changed.

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