Tom Udall = Progressive Hero or Goat?

 Posted:  August 9, 2014

This linked article was penned in 2009 by a lady who has come to the very simple conclusion that all that progressives want is MORE GOVERNMENT.

Tom Udall is a progressive. He belongs to progressive groups, is supported with money and votes by progressive groups, is called a progressive by the media, is summarized as a progressive in bios and campaign literature.

Tom Udall is NOT a moderate. Cowboy boots and turquoise jewelry don’t make you conservative and one of the folks.

Ms. Carol Negro penned this summary in 2009 and it is a good review of what Tom Udall has in store for you.

We don’t like his vision. We won’t vote for his vision. We wish you wouldn’t vote for him so he will take away our vision.

If you want more government you can pay for it. Don’t force us to pay for things we feel are individual responsibilities.

Vote for localism, local control of what goes on in your community. Vote to give yourself a say in what happens in your life.

Say “no” to Big Government. Say “no” to Tom Udall.

Full article here >>>.

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