Tom Udall Runs on Protecting Military Jobs While Eliminating Private Sector Jobs

 Posted:  August 6, 2014

Economic times in New Mexico have always been bad, but are increasingly worse. Due to policies pushed by Tom Udall in Congress, we have seen outsourcing, the dramatic reduction of workers hours from full time to part time, stagnating wages and inflation that hurts everyone. Check out the benchmark votes section of this website and you will see how Tom Udall has repeatedly voted to hurt business, not help.

New Mexico has lots of military that are a big help to the state. However, we also have a larger number of citizens who are private sector workers and need more help than the military. Military bases and labs draw money from a national budget. New Mexico citizens who want to start a business and hire here choose not to do so. New Mexico is a bad state for business, a bad state for good wages, a bad state for anyone except the thirty percent of the state that works for government in one form or another.

Smiling Tom Udall seems content with pushing government as the prime employer in New Mexico, completely dependent on the Federal government and the whims of Washington.

Instead of patting himself on the back for saving Cannon, which was probably due to Pete Dominici more than anyone else, Tom Udall needs to expand his economic vision to more than keeping the labs going and saving jobs.

He fails miserably in creating a situation where New Mexicans want to open a business here, hire locally, and contribute to a viable expansive New Mexico economy.

Depending on the “death culture” of the labs is morally questionable and unsustainable.

It is ironic to see a man who says he is against the military and wants a peaceful world to do a campaign ad pledging to keep the “death industry” healthy and well in our state.

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