Tom Udall Signed the Bill that Sent Military Equipment to New Mexico

 Posted:  September 2, 2014

Tom Udall hasn’t said anything about it but he signed the National Defense Authorization Act that spent a lot of money on bombs and war, but also took away some of our domestic tranquility.

Within that bill were provisions that made the U.S. a military battleground and gave the military the right to whisk you away without a trial, or due process, and hold you indefinitely as a terrorist. There was also a provision in the bill that let police departments across the country get military equipment that was no longer used in war.

There are, we are sure, other items that are distasteful in the bill. It reminds us of ObamaCare where the surprises keep showing up on our doorstep each month like the neighbor’s dog leaving us a little unwrapped personal present.

Thanks Tom Udall … we know what we would do without you – rejoice!

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