Tom Udall Still Ain’t Doing Townhalls in 2014

 Posted:  August 1, 2014

It was way back in 2011, that turbulent time when people actually wanted to tell their representatives a few things they were not happy about, that Tom Udall decided he wasn’t going to do any more town halls. He made the decision along with good ole boy Bingaman, Martin Heinrich and Ben Ray Lujan that answering questions on front of a live audience was just a little too close for comfort for them.

As this report from Capitol report makes clear, there was plenty of time for fundraising, for expensive dinners and meetings with elites willing to fork over thousands of dollars to hear Tom Udall read a speech written for him by one of his staff. We doubt Tom Udall writes anything on his own because that would be beneath him and his grammar skills are probably weak.

We are still waiting for townhalls to make a comeback. You know those meetings where representatives meet their constituents and get drilled on votes they made and decisions gone awry. There are the make believe townhalls where the politicians talk to invited guests, always from their own party. Those, we don’t care about.

The pattern emerged way back then and continues to this day.

Tom Udall wants to communicate with you, but not in a personal way. He won’t do a town hall, has his staff do constituent services in New Mexico small towns, sends form letters. He won’t answer his twitter account and this election he will give a few speeches, run a lot of tv ads, but probably won’t do debates with his challenger.

We want to see a series of town halls, a series of whistle stop debates across New Mexico,

We want to see Tom Udall held accountable for his votes and be asked to explain his mushy rhetoric of generalities and emotional cherrios …

We want to see Tom Udall explain why he votes against the Constitution, thinks someone else should pay for his social dreams, and how is he going to protect us from the police state he votes for with NDAA, TSA, Homeland Security and the EPA.

But, he isn’t doing town halls so why would he want to tell us what he is really thinking?

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