Tom Udall Supports the 1% on a Global Scale

 Posted:  July 17, 2014

Look at his votes, not his press releases.

The World Trade Organization is, next to the United Nations, the most powerful international organization on the planet. It was agreed to by 153 nations and its regulations control 97% of the trade on this planet. It is a modification of the GATT Treaty first signed in 1947. The WTO is essentially a global government for world trade. It is a contract that severely restricts the ability of member nations to direct their own economies or set their own trade policies.

The first article linked below explains in detail ten ways the WTO is bad for American workers and the Middle Class.

Tom Udall, in another linked selection, voted to not let the U.S. withdraw from the WTO and also expresses his desire for an international global trading system. We don’t make these things up.

Tom Udall is a globalist who policies, votes, and philosophy decimate the economy of the U.S., subjects the U.S. to international limitations and directly helps big global predator businesses.

These are ten ways the WTO hurts the U.S:

  1. The WTO is not accountable to the American people or any other voters around the globe.

  2. The WTO is the legislature, executive branch, and judiciary in matters of world trade.

  3. Many of the WTO regulations were authored word for word by the big global predator corporations that now dominate the world economy.

  4. Any nation that attempts to protect itself against the negative effects of globalism and free trade is quickly reprimanded by the WTO.

  5. The WTO allows countries to sue one another.

  6. The WTO allows global corporations to sue countries.

  7. The WTO is widening the gap between rich and poor.

  8. The WTO forces the U.S. to open its doors to unsafe products.

  9. Under WTO, labor has become a global commodity.

  10. The American people are deeply upset about the state of the country, but they don’t understand what’s going on.

“The top 1% of the world economy are getting fabulously rich while the remainder work their lives at slave wages for global corporations …”

If you think Tom Udall is for the little guy – you might do a lot more reading. He has caused the problems through his votes, his desire for a global government, and his support for big corporations, big business, big banking, Wall Street, and international organizations like the WTO and the U.N.

Tom Udall doesn’t represent New Mexico – never has, never will.

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