Tom Udall: Tell Us How Much Your Government Needs to Take From Us

 Posted:  August 2, 2014

The video included in the linked article below shows President Obama refusing to answer the question. In an interview he manages to bob and weave around the issue.

The current top tax rate is 39% for wealthy individuals and that refers only to Federal Income Tax. There are still state taxes, gross receipts taxes, and taxes of all kinds lurking for citizens.

National Tax Day this year was well into April which means many people worked for the government from January 1 thru April just to pay their accumulated tax burdens.

The question is a fair one and we would like an answer. What percent of a working person’s income should the government have a right to keep. We don’t care about Warren Buffet’s secretary. We don’t even care about Warren Buffet.

We want to know just how much money Tom Udall wants out of your paycheck to pay for his big government schemes? Give us a number so we can plan: 25%, 45%, 65%, 80%?

At what point do you, as a wage earner or business owner, decide that you don’t want to pay any more? At what point does it start to concern you that you do not want to work any more just to see your money blown on government play workshops, food stamps, or another bomb.

Tom Udall is a proponent of big government and is always looking for fairness. How is it fair that thirty to forty percent of Americans don’t pay ANY Federal Income Tax, and that is a conservative estimate.

President Obama says he doesn’t have a number in mind, but he does have a number – it is a big big number and not a number you will like. Tom Udall, who walks in step with President Obama knows what number he is looking for, but he won’t tell either.

We’ll tell you a number we can live with – 25% Maximum tax bite including all taxes. As good citizens we will work ten hours out of our forty hour week and give our money to the government so they can use it as they wish. No more, no less.

We guarantee it won’t be enough for Tom Udall. He will be quickly looking to raise the National Debt limit. There is no end to the money that Tom Udall wants to spend. There is no end to things he thinks he needs to buy with your hard earned money.

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