Tom Udall: The 94% Rubber Stamp

 Posted:  October 4, 2014

The new television ad linked below by the Allen Weh campaign strikes another nerve.

Tom Udall doesn’t represent you or New Mexico.

Page after page of analysis in the Tom Udall in the News section on the Website carefully documents what Tom Udall has said and what Tom Udall has actually done. We have actually carefully studied his votes, read articulate analysis of the consequences of Tom Udall’s votes, studied what Americans want from their representatives.

Tom Udall is just a rubber stamp.

Rubber stamps are bad.

Tom Udall is worse than a rubber stamp – he is a certified Progressive Rubber Stamp.

Those kind approve big taxes, big government, big control, and erosion of individual rights in favor of group rights.

It would be nice if we could lose Tom Udall, the rubber stamp, this election. After twenty years in politics, he doesn’t even read what he stamps. If we are going to settle for a rubber stamp Senator we should at least have one who thinks like New Mexicans do.

What a pity.

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