Tom Udall Voted to Give Huge Bonuses to V.A. Executives Who Let Vets Die

 Posted:  October 16, 2014

In 2009, the Congress passed the American Recovery Act.

This Act provided lots of money for veterans and the Veteran’s Administration. Included in the pages of this act was language that enabled V.A. employees to receive bonuses for reaching benchmarks. This might be okay but the problem was that the benchmarks were determined by the V.A. employees themselves. Congress, as usual, passed out money and demanded nothing.

Tom Udall voted for this act and therefore supported the awarding of money.

When problems at the V.A. occurred, Tom Udall was the first to proclaim his ignorance and vowed to get to the heart of shoddy treatment of vets by V.A. hospitals around the country and in Albuquerque.

We haven’t heard much about the V.A. because no one seems to think it is important enough to write about. Voters seem to have forgotten those weeks when the news was full of bad news about the care of our vets.

Tom Udall might be good at passing out money to vets, but it doesn’t do any good if he closes his eyes and ears when complaints about care keep coming in. It doesn’t do any good when he votes for a bill that encourages misbehavior by government agencies.

Why should government employees be getting bonuses for doing anything?

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