Tom Udall Votes For the Top 1% and Gives Them 90% of Income Gains: Then He Tells You He is For the Little Guy

 Posted:  August 18, 2014

This recent article by the very LIBERAL Washington Times, very neatly summarizes what many Americans have been realizing. The rich are getting richer and Washington and Tom Udall have a direct hand in seeing it happens that way.

We have made the point repeatedly at that Tom Udall rides in Obama’s posse and the bad guys are none other but themselves.

Take a few moments and read the article. You can discount fifty percent if you want to though the article is very honest and fair.

You can tell yourself that your hero Tom Udall is on a white horse and wouldn’t say something that he wasn’t backing up with his votes.

We tend to follow the facts on this Website. There have been many many articles that are saying the same things, most of them from liberal blogs, newspapers, and television interviews.

When Tom Udall’s friends smell smoke, it is good to get out of the room.

Full article here >>>.

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