Tom Udall Works Hard to Construct His Perfect Image

 Posted:  June 27, 2014

In researching for this site, it is not curious that Tom Udall has spent millions burnishing his image as a conscientious civil servant, a man of the public, a person who is looking to bring down the high to help the low, a fighter for climate control and preserving the environment, and an all around great human being interested in protecting the middle class, the poor, and everyone else who needs protecting by big government.

The fact is that this has cost millions of dollars to achieve and Tom Udall has not spent any of his own money.

Researching on the Internet you see entry after entry of self congratulatory articles on Tom Udall by his own paid for bloggers. You see all kinds of ads asking for donations to support his campaign. You see all kinds of bills being sponsored for the good of New Mexican’s.

What you don’t see is very troubling. The tie is never loose. The shoes are always polished. The topics are always controlled and minimal. The criticism is pushed to the back of the page or is non-existent. One would think that Tom Udall would have ruffled a few feathers in his two decade dance with political life?

There are always two sides to every issue. As this linked article states:

“The objective of every politician is to please the highest possible number of people …”

“Manipulating the electorate through images and speeches is totally common …”

Tom Udall works hard for the people of New Mexico – just ask him.

At, we believe Tom Udall needs to be looked at with scrutiny. We look at the bills he has voted on, look at articles written by specialists who understand what votes mean.

Just because Tom Udall says it is true, does not mean it is true.

Tom Udall, the politician, moves to the middle at election time, talks about only those things he wants to talk about, says little new and does even less. Tom Udall, permanent fixture in Washington D.C., wants to go back. His paid for image makers see to it that he doesn’t do anything human.

Voters don’t want to vote for fallible human beings like themselves; they want to vote for Gods.

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