Tom Udall/Allen Weh Debate Revisited

 Posted:  November 4, 2014

This was too little too late but the moment that crystallized our opinion of Tom Udall was his brief flippant comment about not knowing the difference between millions and billions. When he accused Allen Weh of making billions in his business, Allen Weh corrected Tom Udall’s error and said it was millions. Then, Tom Udall said he often got millions and billions wrong because of the decimal points.

The debate went on but this moment made a definite point to us.

Tom Udall has never cared about how much money he spends, how much he soaks hard working Americans to pay for his schemes.

Don’t you think a man should know the difference between millions and billions. We all learned about decimal points in mid-school. Tom Udall knows all about decimal points – he just doesn’t care about spending your money.

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