Tom Udall/Barack Obama: Boom Goes the Dynamite

 Posted:  May 29, 2014

Tom Udall supports the Obama machine and the Obama agenda well over 95%. He votes for it every day.

Even if 10% of these 462 examples of Obama (see article link below) are correct, we have a problem.

Why hasn’t Tom Udall stepped up and spoke out on some of these accusations that are well documented and worth a look?

This election in November, in New Mexico, is not over Obama. It is over whether we can afford to have a Senator who looks the other way when the Executive Branch gets out of line. It is okay if Tom Udall finds fault with George Bush. That is his job.

It is NOT OKAY that he fails to find fault with Obama. In politics, there is plenty of fault to go around. We want a Congressman who stands up for Congress, not just rubber stamps the Executive Branch and says nothing when things happen that bother voters of both parties.

Where was Tom Udall when all these things happened? We have questions; don’t you?

Isn’t it the job of a free press and a free people to question authority?

Full article here >>>.

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