Tom Udall/HarryReid Continue the Senate “Obstructionism”

 Posted:  August 11, 2014

Tom Udall talks a lot about Republican obstructionism.

Maybe he should look up the word because Democrats have been doing their fair share of obstructing too. It has been alleged that up to 300 plus bills passed overwhelmingly by the House of Representatives and sent to the Senate for consideration are still sitting in Harry Reid’s inbox.

We did a little checking and Politifact, a left leaning fact check service, called the claim “half true” (see link below).

We did a little read of their linked commentary and found that a lot of things sent to the Senate are being sat on, and the Senate hasn’t done much work in the last few years.

So, when Tom Udall claims he is being stopped from doing his job by opposition, you might ask him when Harry Reid is going to start working on the bills sent to him by the House? He doesn’t have to pass them as they are. He can make changes. The Senate can change them and return them to the House to be considered again.

The House of Representatives is the most representative body we have and it is controlled by Republicans who have a more pro-business agenda. We need to get the economy moving. It doesn’t help to log jam a bunch of bills without even talking about them.

We suspect Harry Reid and Tom Udall are comfortable with this because it allows the Executive Branch to make claims that Congress is dysfunctional and bypass the Constitution entirely and try to run the country by Executive Orders.

It does seem that our country is looking more and more like a Corporation instead of a Constitutional Republic.

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