Tom Udall/Martin Heinrich Aren’t For New Mexico

 Posted:  November 2, 2014

As the election grows near, we see more and more blow back from New Mexico Senators concerning their part in giving over a half million acres of New Mexico land back to the Federal government in a notorious land grab this past year. Despite local intransigence, Heinrich and Udall pushed the project onto Obama’s desk and with the stroke of his pen we lost 25% of Dona Ana county.

The linked op-ed below attributed to Heinrich is his massaging of the data, in his normal way.

The lands of New Mexico belong to New Mexican’s, not the country. We elect men to the U.S. Senate to protect our state. When U.S. Senators from New Mexico give a chunk of the state away to the Federal government they are not protecting us.

Martin Heinrich asserts that New Mexico can’t make decisions about what to do with its own resources. He suggests that only Washington D.C. should have a say on what happens inside our state borders.

This Cliven Bundy affair is not going away. States in the West have determined that they are losing revenues to run their states by having their lands locked up by the Feds. They have determined that the elected representatives of their state are well able to make decisions about resources instead of politicians like Martin Heinrich and Tom Udall who take money from and represent radical environmental groups that don’t want anything done with the land.

If you don’t fight for state’s rights, you will end up without them.

That, in a nutshell, is what our non-representatives want. They take our land and give it away for votes.

That just ain’t right.

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