Tom Udall’s 1798 Sedition Act Revival: Bad Then, Worse Now

 Posted:  June 25, 2014

You can be sure that Tom Udall has political reasons for everything he does. He sugarcoats his proclamations with flags and lots of barbecue sauce, but you can be sure his self interest is being protected.

All this talk of campaign finance and protecting politics from dirty money is nothing new. It was tried in 1798 and failed, and, it will fail again.

The one thing politicians fear is being kicked out of their offices and returned home. They like their power and positions so much that they always try to save them for their offspring and family too. The one thing that an incumbent politician hates are challenges to his tenure.

Incumbents have a huge huge advantage in the getting elected game. This latest assault on the First Amendment Rights of you and me is created to make sure that you don’t have a say. Tom Udall doesn’t want a PAC to be running ads against him unless they are friends. What better way to protect your position that handicap the opposition.

Tom Udall doesn’t need protection with eight or nine million in campaign funds.

He needs to explain to New Mexican voters why he votes against their interest, hides in his office and lets staffers do the dirty work, and pals around with elite Senators from back East.

Making it a crime to participate in the political process is the only crime being committed here.

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