Tom Udall’s Biggest Exaggeration About Energy

 Posted:  June 6, 2014

If you look at press releases, television ads, and Website happy talk by Tom Udall on Energy concerns, it sounds as if he is for a balanced energy program in the U.S. If you look at his actual statements and votes, it shows that he (and Martin Heinrich) think we New Mexico voters are uninformed and too lazy to check the records.

Tom Udall has spent a career promoting alternative energy in a state that is in the top 10 producers in the country. He takes huge amounts of money from environmental concerns for his campaign fund and votes, most often, for their issues on important bills.

It is strange that an energy producing state like New Mexico would put a man in Congress to represent them who does so little to represent them on Energy?

When you start your car, remember that it runs on gasoline, a by product of oil. It is used around the world and is essential. Whenever you limit supply you raise costs for the product to yourself.

The oil industry in New Mexico contributes jobs, tax money to the state and local communities, and huge amounts of money to the state Permanent Fund. In case Tom hasn’t heard, new technologies that he fights with his EPA buddies, have made the U.S. an oil exporter instead of importer.

Tom Udall can say he is for a “balanced energy program”. He says a lot of things but that doesn’t make them true.

By the way, he recently voted to increase the exports of natural gas overseas, a non-environmental vote. We are getting close to an election and he needs to try and balance a 1000 anti-oil votes with one pro-oil vote.

It is far too littler far too late.

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