Tom Udall’s Boss isn’t a Truthful Man

 Posted:  October 29, 2014

The linked article below details things in store for us regardless of how the election turns out. There is more hurt ahead for American workers, business owners or taxpayers.

What is sad is that our Senator from New Mexico has said nothing about any of this.

He stands on the sidelines and claps for his boss, looks at what has been happening and turns away.

If New Mexicans don’t call Tom Udall out, we don’t deserve better.

Part of his job is to criticize and control an overactive Executive Branch, not just lay over on his tummy and ask for a dog bone.

He liked to criticize George W. Bush who did need criticism. However, when it was Bill Clinton and Barack Obama in office, Tommie Udall forgot his voice.

Full article here >>>.

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