Tom Udall’s Brave New Auto Pilot, Unaccountable, Partisan Federal Government

 Posted:  June 27, 2014

“We are witnessing a new federal government that is sort of a rogue organism that exists for its own enhancement and is willing to do anything to help those who help it …”

“This is not America. It is like most failed states abroad, which are not also America …”

“Federal agencies exist now not for the public good but for their employees benefit and the President’s policies …”

“A common theme is expansion of government is a good thing with more employed constituents, more redistribution regulations on individuals, higher taxes to pay for it all … government employees should be partisans of those politicians who favor more government and that what an agency was constituted to do is not necessarily what it will do …”

In instance after instance, Victor Davis Hanson documents the huge government Octopus that is strangling us. In agency after agency the rhetoric is the same, the arrogance is the same, the non-accountability is the same. Whether it is the V.A., the IRS, the EPA, Border Patrol doesn’t matter. Tom Udall’s brave new Government doesn’t serve us and takes much more than it ever gives back.

Tom Udall’s Government minions vote for him and he pays them their salaries. Very very cozy assignment for him. Scary for the rest of us.

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