Tom Udall’s Bread and Butter

 Posted:  September 5, 2014

Tom Udall, like most progressive Democrats, builds big government and reaps healthy rewards in money and votes.

The linked information below is provided by Open Secrets, a non-partisan group that seeks transparency in government.

Take a look at who is giving money to Tom Udall and then check his votes. He gets a 100% endorsement from most of the groups here.

Go to the About Tom Udall section of the and you will find all the nuts and bolts about Tom Udall that he doesn’t talk about.

Don’t pay attention to his syrupy television ads – there is no information there. Don’t go to the Albuquerque Journal – there is no information there.

One thing about Tom Udall – he knows who butters his bread.

Full article here >>>.

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