Tom Udall’s Cafe Only Cooks One Side of the Hamburger

 Posted:  August 9, 2014

Recently, the Department of Transportation and the EPA, with the help of Congress, passed laws affecting the mileage standards that new vehicles must achieve by 2025. Altogether, the mileage changes require new vehicles to get almost double the miles they now get by 2025. Tom Udall, of course, is proud of his part in reaching these new standards. As always, the law is a two edged sword and Tom Udall kills us with his half.

While it is true that increasing the mileage requirements will save some fuel and therefore maybe affect the CO2 in the air which, in turn, might affect global warming (which hasn’t done much warming in the last fifteen or so years), the law has some side effects.

Much like medicines we take for ailments, we always have to consider whether the supposed cure is worth taking the medicine. Higher fuel standards means several possibilities for consumers. It means that the cost of vehicles will rise. It means that the cars will be lighter because you can’t move heavy cars efficiently and cheaply. It means that the poor won’t be able to afford new cars. It means the poor, who drive fuel guzzlers, won’t find them available and won’t be able to get around. It means that manufacturers will have to go to the drawing board to design compact cars that get mileage but aren’t good for transporting kids. It means, once again, that government will pick winners and losers and , as government usually does, the losers will be promoted to winners.

The linked articles give Tom Udall’s point of view, from his own Website. They also give a different point of view from another source.

As is always the case, you have to make a decision about which side of the issue you fall on.

Do you want to be forced to drive a smaller more fuel efficient car when you can’t get your family into it, it is dangerous and costs a lot to maintain because it has sophisticated systems that your husband can’t figure out?

As this Website continually points out, there are different sides to every question and a well schooled voter learns to study all sides before voting for a candidate.

Tom Udall’s focus is on saving energy. Our focus is on saving lives and letting consumers have choices about what they drive, when they drive, and where they drive.

Tom Udall makes the government the enforcer. Our focus is on letting people make their own choices, for good and bad.

Couldn’t you get the same results by raising the legal driving age thus keeping new drivers off the road longer or taking cars away from multiple DWI offenders?

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