Tom Udall’s Campaign Wish List

 Posted:  August 5, 2014

tom_udall_wish_listAmong other gems submitted by visitors to was a photo of a Wish List Bulletin Board inside the Tom Udall/Democrats primitive campaign office.

It is rather ironic that Tom Udall has millions in his campaign coffers from years of voting on bills and taking money from both sides of the issue. It is even more ironic that he has accumulated quite a pirate’s chest of gold from little contributors who give to Act Blue that bundles the donations and doesn’t say where they come from. It is more more ironic that Michelle Lujan Griffin has almost a million in her possession to spend on a race with a challenger that has twenty thousand dollars.

Such is the life of a politician that has to plead poverty and needs to raise all this money when there are obviously plenty of people willing to give heavily.

The wish list looks a little pedestrian, so we would like to add a few items of our own to Tom’s Wish Board.

  1. We wish Tom Udall would quit saying he is for working people when his votes raise taxes, the cost of energy, the cost of food, the cost of hiring people and giving them a little pride.

  2. We wish Tom Udall would forget what his father did in Congress and realize that the environment in our country is the cleanest it has been in thirty years and the greatest hazards to the environment are occurring overseas.

  3. We wish Tom Udall respected Constitutional gun rights for law abiding citizens and quit trying to take weapons used for family defense away from legal and yes, registered owners.

  4. We wish he would quit promoting the for profit abortion industry and forcing Americans to pay for someone else’s abortion when it violates their rights.

  5. We wish he would quit acting like he hasn’t been taking money hand over fist from big banks, Wall Street, and big corporations, not to mention environmentalists and lawyers who profit from his votes mightily.

  6. We wish someone would challenge Tom Udall’s bland statements that the climate change debate is over and remind him that we don’t even have sophisticated enough computer models to simulate what Mother Nature is doing.

  7. We wish he would talk about how our National Debt has gone through the roof and he has never voted NOT to raise the debt limit which means your grandchildren will be working for the man trying to pay old people’s Social Security (which Tom won’t address either) and interest on the debt.

We have lots of wishes but if Tom Udall would make progress on discussing any of these it would be a good start to a campaign. New Mexicans need to advance the quality of their questions.

We were told it was the party faithful at this event. We were told it was underwhelming, We were told there were protestors there and some squabbles with security as the Democrats continue their assault on free speech.

We are going to send Tom Udall a stapler though. We figure it will help him put two and two together. We just staple Al Franken and Tom Udall together and we still don’t have honesty.

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