Tom Udall’s Central Planning for the U.S. and the World

 Posted:  July 4, 2014

Tom Udall is not content to central plan for the United States. He is a big believer in the United Nations too as a central planning unit for the entire world. In the last few years there was a United Nations Convention concerned with getting the U.S. to sign on to a Treaty called the Law of the Sea Treaty. Of course, Tom Udall (like globalist Bill Clinton who signed an earlier version that was not ratified by the Senate), is all for it.

Conceived in the 1980’s by the United Nations as a method to get control of most of the activities over and beneath the oceans, the premise of the treaty is that resources in the oceans belong to all people of the world and should be protected and controlled by an international group such as the U.N. All private business would have to go through an application process before they would be allowed to pursue their interests. Incidentally, business already has extensive application processes to explore the oceans.

The LOST Treaty is really a Lost Treaty because it would give control of 70% of the planet to the United Nations which is corrupt, anti–American, anti-capitalist, un-democratic.

Luckily, there is an attached list of Senators who signed a letter saying they would have no part of this. There are no Democratic Senators on this list.

Tom Udall is a dedicated supporter of the United Nations and whether it be global warming treaties, small arms treaties, use of the sea treaties, he is always willing to dump U.S. sovereignty and let the U.N. meddle in U.S. affairs. Much of the sea is already protected because of the technological difficulties of exploring and developing it. All countries with shores on the oceans have protected boundaries which they control as they see fit.

Tom Udall, world central planner, will never be content to let the U.S. be. His globalist desires have always been evident and will continue as long as he is in office.

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