Tom Udall’s Central Planning Nightmares

 Posted:  July 4, 2014

Tom Udall has given us a lot of central planning nightmares. He gave us No Child Left Behind. He has given us Dodd Frank. He has given us ObamaCare. He has voted for the second half of the TARP bailout. He has given President Clinton fast track authority on NAFTA. He has voted for comprehensive immigration reform without securing the border, authorized the EPA to shut down coal plants, and has passed thousands of nuisance laws that impact individuals and small business throughout the country. If you look at the benchmark section of it is clear that Tom Udall is a consummate central planner.

In this article by a Bill Bonner (linked below), the topic of central planning is explained very well. Central planning has failed in Russia and Cuba and is not doing so well in Europe either. It is doomed to fail because big does not mean better. The following comments by Bill Bonner seem appropriate for Tom Udall fans as well as non-fans:

“That’s what Aristotle said. He thought that only a small community could work at all because only in a small community would all the people share more or less the same information and interests. In a large community, you can’t know things in the same direct, personal way. So it’s hard for people to work together in the same way …”

“Large scale planning fails because the facts upon which it is built are not reliable frequently completely bogus … and, it fails because people don’t really want it.”

“Large scale central planners fail for three reasons:

  1. They believe they know what people want.
  2. They believe they know what the community should do.
  3. They believe they can create the future.”

“Large scale planning leads to corruption, killing of personal initiative, innovation, flexibility, and the cluster of negatives that brought down Russia …”

So, Tom Udall, central planner, forges ahead.

If you believe in central planning from Washington D.C. vote for Tom Udall. Otherwise, be very very careful.

Full article here >>>.

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