Tom Udall’s Challengers

 Posted:  May 21, 2014

On June 3rd, two opponents of Tom Udall will be voted upon in the Republican primary. One of them will be chosen by their party to face off with Tom Udall in the general election in November. Neither have the money that Udall has. Neither has the name recognition that Udall has. Neither has the media support that Udall has. Neither has the built in advantages for re-election that Tom Udall has.

In this Journal summary, the candidates answered the stock questions that today’s media asks – tired questions, questions that being tired responses. Are the only questions we get the ones that ask about foreign affairs, the sad state of New Mexico, illegal immigration, and the budget? Where are the questions about the Federal Reserve? Where are the questions about crony capitalism? Where are the questions about elitism, statism, and the police state?

At the end of these interviews, the point was made by David Clements, that “we have a dollar crisis … that, if this is not addressed, everything else just doesn’t matter.”

Perhaps the winner of this primary will bring that question to Tom Udall: “Why have you supported a weak dollar that destroys savings, pumps up inflation, and robs ordinary working Americans of their money, investments, and future?”

Now that would be a good question.

Full article here >>>.

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