Tom Udall’s Childhood Dream in Five Steps

 Posted:  October 20, 2014

Politicians, according to Wiki How, can earn substantial income while working to achieve goals “they” feel are worthy.

Tom Udall, career politician, has always had his sights on public office. The secrets according to this article is to make yourself educated, well known, and likable. While Tim Udall’s educational achievements are nothing worth writing about and his likability depends on who you talk too, he is definitely well known, having been part of New Mexico and National political circles his whole life.

If you like career politicians from political families in office, you will like Tom Udall and Ben Ray Lujan and Michelle Lujan-Grisham. In fact, family dynasties seem to be something that doesn’t bother New Mexicans but it really should because families help families and political families help political families first before help trickles down.

The five steps that Tom Udall has followed to fame and fortune, besides being blessed by being born into a political family, are as follows:

  1. Build an educational background that will enhance your credibility as a politician (Tom Udall is a lawyer so he can talk out of both sides of his mouth at the same time and say contradictory things with a straight face).

  2. Learn about the legislative process (Tom Udall has been in Congress some sixteen years) and learned at the feet of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid (masters of deception).

  3. Network (Tom Udall’s family is in politics, his dad was in politics, his uncles were in politics. He has lost more numbers in his little black book than most people ever have. He knows who to call for help and favors in return for consideration).

  4. Start by running for local office (Tom Udall was a New Mexico Attorney General and doesn’t want us to ever forget he did things about DWI – even though New Mexico still has the problem).

  5. Raise funds to use towards future campaign expenses (Tom Udall has a hefty election fund from some of the wealthiest billionaires around).

Advice to politicians from this article is something Tom Udall has studied well.

Make sure you have explanations for questions about your votes and/or past.

Tom Udall has plenty of excuses for his votes and has never publicly apologized for anything he has done even though he has an ethics complaint against him in the Senate.

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