Tom Udall’s Death of Free Speech Amendment

 Posted:  August 4, 2014

Tom Udall is spending a huge amount of his campaign money, ads, time, efforts, rhetoric, on convincing you that he is out to take big money out of politics.

He is spending a huge amount of time trying to convince you that his sponsored legislation to fight Citizens United is an honest effort to clean up something that is always dirty – politics.

He is devoting lots of space to talking about campaign finance and the environment because he can’t talk about the economy, unemployment, jobs, healthcare, immigration, or many other topics that New Mexicans want to hear about.

The linked article below explains Tom Udall’s doubletalk in a different way – probably a way you didn’t think of.

If Tom Udall has his way, no challengers will EVER defeat an incumbent.

If Tom Udall has his way, Congress will pick winners and losers in the campaign as they do on all the crony capitalist bills they pass.

You probably hate business. Others hate environmentalists. Shouldn’t they both have the right to spend whatever money they choose to influence public opinion? Let anyone contribute what they have to give and let the voters decide who they want to represent them.

It costs money in this society to distribute ANY message and by denying access to money and the ability of people to spend their money to support their message, you are denying them the chance to have their SPEECH HEARD.

To deny that money isn’t a part of free speech today is a statement that only Tom Udall would make.

Luckily, the entire thing is just another fundraising project. The amendment will never get through Congress, much less the states. Mr. Non-Bipartisan Tom Udall can only get Democrats to sign on to his bill, and not all of them either.

Fortunately, some politicians do believe in free speech.

Tom Udall just believes in his own brand of free speech – shutting down challengers and opponents.

Full article here >>>.

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