Tom Udall’s Dedication to his Family Legacy doesn’t help New Mexico

 Posted:  September 21, 2014

New Mexico is losing citizens to other states where there is more opportunity, more business, more jobs, more than just “pretty pictures”.

Tom Udall’s statements on his website stress his family legacy, his desire to take New Mexico land out of circulation so it can be enjoyed by tourists, and keep the land just like it is for all Americans.

He has a long list of accomplishments in grabbing New Mexico land and bringing it under the Federal umbrella of control, lots of work taking over water rights from property owners in New Mexico, lots of attention to restricting our largest industry (oil and gas) through using the Endangered Species Act to protect the Sage Grouse, the Jumping Mouse, the Prairie Chicken, the Silvery Minnow etc. etc. etc.

He has no intentions of slowing down either. Soon, tourism will be the only thing New Mexico has to offer. It will just be a series of stops by the side of the road where visitors get out of their cars, take pictures, talk about the beautiful vistas, then leave the state on their way to the Grand Canyon. Tourists don’t live here. Tourists don’t work here. Tourists don’t raise their kids here.

Tom Udall is obsessed with creating a lot of pretty photo ops, taking New Mexican land and saying it belongs to America.

He isn’t doing this in New York or Ohio or California. If New Mexico has to give up land for posterity, why don’t all the states east of the Mississippi give up some of their precious land?

We have plenty of National monuments, plenty of open space areas. Excellent.

When are we going to stop a family dynasty that acquires acres out of use like big game hunters acquire stuffed animal heads on a wall?

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