Tom Udall’s Earmarks: Do You See Your Private Sector Business in Here?

 Posted:  August 24, 2014

Earmarks were hot news for a while until something else became the distraction of the day.

Here is a list of some earmarks that Tom Udall has brought back to New Mexico in one of his years in Congress. Most think this is good stuff, but there aren’t as many earmarks as some states get so Tom Udall isn’t even bringing home the pork very well.

If you take a look at the “pork” you can see that most all projects go to education or government facilities. Most of the pork goes to cities, county offices, bases and labs, and educational institutions.

So, if you are a private sector business or employer or employee, you are seeing your tax dollars at work. We don’t see instances of his support for small business. We see Tom Udall funneling money back to government entities that support him. We kind of like to call it “crony government capitalism” with the government getting support even though they don’t generate any income for the people, just consume taxes and ask, like Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, for another bowl.

So, keep on trying to make it out there with lots of competition, lots of weak economy moments. Keep paying your taxes so Tom Udall can give it to his government friends who are all to willing to support him. Public service unions are among the biggest these days.

We guess you like paying for someone else’s cushy job with good benefits and retirement while you don’t get back pay when your business shuts down. (Remember Tom Udall’s call for back pay for government employees when the sequester was imminent?)

Tom Udall likes to grow government but he isn’t good at growing the economy or the private sector in New Mexico.

That isn’t part of his agenda.

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