Tom Udall’s Earth Would be Better Without the Nuisance of People

 Posted:  October 19, 2014

The linked article below tells us about a National Wilderness Conference in Albuquerque. It is one of those sit down events where you chip in a hundred dollars and get to listen to speakers talk about saving the wilderness, saving animals and saving us from ourselves.

You might not think Albuquerque is at the epicenter of environmental radicalism but one of the speakers is Dave Foreman who founded Earth First, is a radical of the first order, and is a man who has greatly influenced New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich and even Tommie Udall.

You might think the wilderness projects are all about savings wilderness. If you look at the quotes in the linked article by Dave Foreman you find that he and his ilk are definitely anti-human.

Believe it or not, their goal is to control humans as a way to protect noble animals.

So, while you are enjoying your wine and your Volvo or BMW is parked outside, keep in mind that once they get all the arable land and water under control, you will be given a little apartment to live in the rest of your days and they will confiscate your belongings to give to the giraffes and elephants in what used to be your front yard.

Full article here >>>.

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