Tom Udall’s Energy Balance Lie

 Posted:  November 2, 2014

During the debate, short and not so sweet, Tom Udall told his most commonly told lie – i.e. that he was for a balanced energy program. This lie is so large and so great that it wouldn’t even fit into the Grand Canyon.

Go to the energy battleground issues on the Website and you will find a ton of info on the energy sector in America, and plenty of news that shows that Europe is abandoning clean energy because it is expensive and burdensome. If you go to Tom Udall’s Benchmark votes under the About Tom Udall menu item, you will see that he voted against the Keystone pipeline which would have helped the American economy with jobs and also the states through which the pipeline crossed.

The linked article below reminds us that there are lots of lies out about the pipeline:

  1. The pipeline is dangerous.
  2. The pipeline will have limited economic impact.
  3. The pipeline will harm the environment.

Tom Udall repeats all those lies when he talks to his contributors. He emphasizes that the pipeline has no benefit and fossil fuels are the enemy. New Mexico relies on fossil fuels while Tom Udall votes for alternative fuels extensively and tries to mandate that the entire country generate more electric with alternative energy sources even though it runs the cost of electric up for the poor.

In the debate, we saw Tom Udall portray himself as something he is not – a balanced moderate servant of the people.

We have a hard time believing that he said he was for a balanced energy program in the U.S. when his entire career he has been running as an anti-oil environmental candidate.

How can you believe a guy when he can tell such a lie with such a straight face?

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