Tom Udall’s Extremism on Display

 Posted:  September 12, 2014

It is well known that Tom Udall SPONSORED a Constitutional Amendment to change free speech in the U.S. He is proud of that effort and even speaks of it as a campaign vote getting tool.

George Will, a man who has received a Pulitzer Prize for commentary, spends the linked article detailing how this attack on the U.S. Constitution is real extremism.

From our place in the peanut gallery, Mr. Will makes his main point quite clear.

Tom Udall and the contingent of Democrats who have gotten behind this effort are interested in protecting their incumbency and are seeking to take away someone’s right to participate in political speech in America,a right guaranteed in Constitution, a right people have died to protect.

The Amendment will never get the votes needed to get past the Senate Chambers, and that is good.

When a Pulitzer Prize winning columnist who has spent his life following politics, writing about politics, thinking about politics condemns an effort by politicians, we tend to listen.

There are lots of things we don’t like to hear but having Tom Udall decide who has a right to speak, and who doesn’t, is totalitarian and scary.

Tom Udall has a habit these days of shutting down speech he doesn’t like. Usually he uses the IRS as his tool of torture. This week he is using Congress.

Full article here >>>.

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