Tom Udall’s Favorite Fundraising Topic

 Posted:  September 13, 2014

Tom Udall’s Constitutional Amendment has gone down in flames, as it should.

But now, he will use the vote to campaign on for the rest of his career in Washington D.C.

There has been lots of attention given to this issue, but, in a video included in the linked article, watch the opposition give their reasons for fighting the amendment,

Ted Cruz is loved by some, hated by others.

We think the speech is immaculate, reasoned, persuasive, and articulates why the Amendment went no where. It is fifty minutes but even the first three minutes gives you compelling reasons to shake your head at why this issue is even brought up.

The bottom line is this: Do you trust Congress to be accountable for ANYTHING? Do you think Congress is doing a competent job at ANYTHING? Do you think Congress can be fair and just and equitable at monitoring ANYTHING?

If you vote for Congress we guess you will probably vote for Tom Udall, and that, is sad.

Full article here >>>.

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