Tom Udall’s Form Letters Are True to Form

 Posted:  July 23, 2014

We have sent letters to Tom Udall about various issues we love. We have read Tom Udall’s responses to letters he has received. We read complaints all the time at about letters New Mexican’s have written Tom Udall and their unhappiness with his replies. As the linked article below indicates, Congress starts out 2014 with an approval rating of 13%, which is up from a previous low of 9%.

What we are really seeing is New Mexicans not feeling that anyone out there is representing them. The form letter is understandable but the refusal of Tom Udall to show that he actually considers that there are two sides to every issue is maddening.

What is maddening is Tom Udall’s habit of speaking Clintonian. He straddles issues and talks two messages at the same time. He says he is for a balanced energy program but votes to kill fossil fuels and nuclear every time. He says he is for making big rich folks pay but votes for bills that protect banks, promote Wall Street, aid big business and hurts small businesses everywhere. He says he is for your privacy but he votes for bills like the NDAA of 2012 and 2014 that lets the U.S. government pick you up in the middle of the night and take you away without due process or a day in court. Tom Udall says he is for food stamps but votes for a bill that cut food stamps. Tom Udall is for cleaning up the excesses of the 2008 housing debacle but votes against privatizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Tom Udall talks about being for the working man but wants to continue open border policies that keep the cost of labor down and job competition up. Tom Udall says you can keep your medical plan and Doctor with ObamaCare but it isn’t so.

What New Mexican’s really want is a man who says what he does, and the two match up.

Tom Udall isn’t that guy. Look at what he says. Look at what he does. They just don’t match up.

We already know Tom Udall has problems with the truth. He says he is for fiscal responsibility but is ranked as one of the most profligate spenders in Congress (check his rating at Taxpayers of America or Citizens Against Government Waste).

We have come to the same conclusion as a reader who sent us these comments:

“I have sent Senator Udall several E-mails in the past about various subjects. All I get back for an answer is a form letter that never really answers the question. Not very happy
with this Senator.”

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