Tom Udall’s Friends and Foes Thanks to

 Posted:  July 21, 2014

There have been a number of postings on about which groups support and are supported by Tom Udall, and which groups are given the cold shoulder.

VoteSmart is a nonpartisan informational site that has posted organizations that rate Tom Udall for his voting habits in favor of, or against their interests. These interest groups are closely following all politicians and make it a point to know who is advancing their interests and who isn’t.

By clicking on the link below you will get a complete listing of Tom Udall’s yearly evaluations from education groups, business groups, gun control groups, anti abortion groups, labor unions etc. All you have to do is click on the issue filter and you can find out how groups grade Tom Udall in an area you are interested in.

At, we all interested in performance in all areas. When we choose a candidate we want to see where his positions are in all areas. We are not one issue voters.

What point does it make to vote for a candidate that gets a 100% from pro-choice groups but a 2% from taxpayer protection groups? What point does it make to vote for a candidate that gets an “F” from a gun rights group but a 95% from a clean energy group.

If Tom Udall had more scores in the 70-80% range we would be more pleased. His scores seem to be excessively high in some areas and excessively low in others. His scores indicate a high degree of partisanship and a total unwillingness to consider that someone else’s points might have some virtue.

Tom Udall runs for office as a moderate guy but, don’t be fooled, he is as partisan as they come.

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