Tom Udall’s Hollywood Roots

 Posted:  October 29, 2014

We know that Tom Udall has no business being a representative of anyone in New Mexico. His votes, attitude, and behavior have shown that he is just running for Senate from New Mexico because that is what he always wanted to do and couldn’t get elected anywhere else. New Mexico is too rural, too traditional, too down to Earth, too uncomplicated for him. The state where Tom Udall should run for office is California.

The linked article below is an old one that came out just before Tom Udall got elected to the Senate in 2009 following the coat tails of Obama. The article makes it clear that Tom Udall is not a good ole boy wearing a cowboy hat except in television ads. Tom Udall was heavily supported by Hollywood types and heavily backed in his last election by actors and medias types who have little in common with New Mexico attitudes and beliefs.

While we do have a small film industry in New Mexico, it is certain that Hollywood promotes politicians that believe their progressive California lifestyle, thoughts and prejudices.

It reminds us of another reason Tom Udall doesn’t need to be making decisions for New Mexicans.

When was the last time anyone from California had an idea that you could buy into?

Full article here >>>.

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