Tom Udall’s Homework Assignment on Taxes

 Posted:  September 17, 2014

Tom Udall is a persistent big taxer and he loves to talk big about taxing big business.

In fact, he has his wish that he has fought for. The United States has the HIGHEST corporate tax rate in the developed world (39%).

Recently, there has been chagrin that big U.S. corporations are taking their headquarters to foreign companies to take advantage of cheaper taxes.

As the linked article reinforces – high tax rates do have an effect on what business does, and doesn’t do. If you want to stimulate the economy and give business a reason to grow you lower taxes and if you keep taxes high you will pay for it.

This is sure common sense, but then, Tom Udall doesn’t operate by using common sense. He uses emotion as his guide.

Even a tax holiday has been proposed that would let U.S. corporations come home to your community and bring jobs if some of the taxes could be modified. Tom Udall wants none of that.

Punishing business is high on his list and it takes a lot of taxes to pay for his generous social programs too.

Full article here >>>.

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