Tom Udall’s Inconvenient Truth on ObamaCare

 Posted:  October 31, 2014

Tom Udall owns ObamaCare. Remember, you can keep your doctor and your plan if you like them.

Only Democrats voted for ObamaCare and it passed only with a lot of bribes of members to get their deciding votes.

ObamaCare has had many many delays, changes, and revisions from its original form.

ObamaCare is still being challenged in court for issues regarding how the law was written and how the current POTUS has violated the law in ObamaCare’s implementation.

Your health care costs will go up, you will have trouble getting to see a Doctor, you will pay for things you will never need, and there will be things you can’t get done.

As this linked article reminds us, many of the bad things in the law have been backdated so they wouldn’t go into effect until after this election.

When you are in the voting booth, thank Tom Udall for his transparency by voting for someone else or not voting for him.

Full article here >>>.

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