Tom Udall’s Inconvenient Truths on ObamaCare

 Posted:  September 30, 2014

Tom Udall recently responded to an ObamaCare ad from his opponent Allen Weh.

The ad was completely correct. Tom Udall’s response was not truthful.

Tom Udall responded with his own non-facts so here is a linked article and rehashing of facts on ObamaCare. For those interested you can click on the Healthcare slider on or go to the Healthcare Battleground Issues to get lots of truths about ObamaCare.

Here is a play by play:

  1. Tom Udall voted for ObamaCare. No Republican voted for it so that tells you a lot about Tom Udall’s bi-partisanship.

  2. In Allen Weh’s Website statements about the issue, he only says that the law needs to be
    REWORKED. This is not a wild statement since Tom Udall has asked for delays in the law since it was passed and has even asked Obama to change the law as he feels it should be changed, a Constitutional faux pas.

  3. Tom Udall did say you could KEEP YOUR DOCTOR.

  4. Tom Udall did say you could KEEP YOUR PLAN.

  5. ObamaCare is not only not affordable but it DOESN’T protect any more people than the old system.

  6. Tom Udall took a system that worked for 85% of the population and wrecked it to get care to 15% who had care anyway.

  7. Allen Weh has had nothing to do with the law, nothing to do with the insurance companies.

  8. ObamaCare helps LAWYERS AND HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES. IN FACT, THEY helped WRITE THE LAW. See the linked article below and the Website for true information.

In summary, Tom Udall is rich, privileged, career politician who has voted for a bad bill and is trying to pin it on his opponent.

Nice try Tom Udall but you are the only one with the Teflon suit here.

Full article here >>>.

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