Tom Udall’s Inflation Hurts the Poor and Middle Class

 Posted:  July 17, 2014

Obviously Tom Udall didn’t bring inflation by himself. He has had a lot of help from his peers in Congress, on both sides of the aisle.

The linked article below is from a business Website that offers commentaries by men and women whose business it is to watch things like inflation, the Federal Reserve, unemployment, trend lines, and the cost of borrowing.

The article lists ten things that are showing inflation in the marketplace, meaning, you are paying more for less. The author describes the reasons behind the inflation and though he doesn’t panic he does admit that eventually the inflation is going to grow and business will continue to pass their costs to consumers.

Everything Tom Udall does, from his votes on energy and banking, the Federal Reserve and taxes, international free trade and the environment, is a contributing to the rise in inflation.

The powers that be, and this article is one of those, play down inflation but it is here and a force to be reckoned with.

Tom Udall made it easy for big banks, easy for big multinational companies, easy for Wall Street, easy for people with access to credit and money to get richer. When he says he is for the little guy you better take another long sip of your beer.

Look at him … do you really feel like he is for the little guy?

Full article here >>>.

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