Tom Udall’s Kitchen Table Issues

 Posted:  June 7, 2014

This year the election is like deja vu all over again. Except this time Tom Udall is running against a man with a lot more money than Udall’s opponent in 2006.

Back then Ron Dolin ran against Udall in the 3rd district and had $12,000 dollars. Tom Udall had a war chest of $733,000. The results in the election were positive for Tom Udall but not so good for New Mexicans.

Back then, Tom said, “High gas prices, Social Security, Healthcare, and Education are kitchen table issues people talk about at home.” He continued that he wanted to strengthen Social Security, get Universal Healthcare, and address problems with No Child Left Behind.

We still have high gas prices today, largely because Tom Udall has fought the oil industry both in our state and country to shut down fossil fuels both on state lands, but also on BLM lands. He has used the EPA to harass drillers on private land and voted against the oil industry that supports New Mexico at every turn. As a result, gas prices are high.

We still have Social Security but because of a diminished economy it is questionable whether the young can continue to pay for older people’s retirements and play money at New Mexico Indian casinos. The Federal government has spent ALL Social Security receipts in the General Fund of the Federal Government since LBJ. This Ponzi scheme is good only as long as young workers support the older retirees. Social Security, by the way, is not an entitlement program. It has NOT been strengthened and will collapse.

Universal Health Care has been achieved by ObamaCare but we see that it has immense problems. Tom Udall promised you could keep your doctor and keep your plan, but that was obviously a Pinnochio.

No Child Left Behind, which Tom Udall voted for, has been left in the dust, discredited and un-loved by everyone.

It is amazing how things stay the same and voters, especially Republicans who continue to vote for Tom Udall thinking he is helping, are deceived.

“My father is a great role model for me,” Tom Udall said. “He inspired me in terms of taking care of the planet and being in touch with the Earth.”

Our only big question this November is whether Tom Udall represents New Mexicans?

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