Tom Udall’s Lip Service Talk on Energy in U.S.

 Posted:  September 21, 2014

Tom Udall continues to say one thing and do another. As this website consistently proves, and you already know, Tom Udall is NOT for fossil fuels, not for all kinds of energy, not for doing anything but putting up solar panels and windmills. He does NOT vote for anything positive for fossil fuels that contribute so much to the U.S. economy. Reliance on foreign oil has gone UP during his tenure. He doesn’t give a damn about nuclear – too dangerous, too risky, too practical and economical.

Tom Udall continues with his slogans “do it all, do it right” and continues with his votes and agenda “clean energy only”.

Read his statements closer. We have. We don’t see the words “fossil fuels”.

Yes, Tom these are not dirty words. You won’t go to Hell for saying them. You won’t have to go to Fossil Fuels Anonymous if you dream about black gold flowing everywhere on public lands in New Mexico controlled by the federal government and off limits to oil exploration.

Here are Tom’s obsessions – in his own words – from his own public statement.

  • Clean energy economy
  • Sustainable energy future
  • Renewable sources
  • Global warming
  • Clean energy incentives
  • Limit pollution
  • Unleash clean energy economy
  • Renewable energy standard
  • Reduce greenhouse gas

Come on Tom! Give us a break. We don’t want to call you a liar, but we have to raise our hand from the back of the class and ask you if you really believe you have voted for a “do it all, do it right” energy policy.

It looks, to us, like the same old Tom Udall technique of “saying one thing and doing another”.

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