Tom Udall’s Minimum Wage Push More Insanity

 Posted:  June 30, 2014

In the article linked below from the New Mexico Telegram, Tom Udall gives a floor speech about minimum wage. In the speech he makes his tearful points, but talks in cotton candy, like he always does.

In his speech he points out that families can’t live on minimum wage, have to work two or three jobs to get by. He falls back on the idea that somehow people who work hard should be guaranteed to get ahead in life. He reiterates ideas that Big Government has to step in and mandate that the person who hires you has to pay you more. He evens suggests that wages be tied to inflation so as inflation rises your wage rises.

Tom Udall has never been an economist and never run a business. He should know that all costs to business are passed along to consumers. He should know that as you earn more the products or services your boss sells has to go up. He should know that minimum wage jobs go to the least skilled workers and don’t often deserve huge wages. He should know that working two or three part time jobs is caused by policies he voted for and supports. Tom Udall lives in the living wage camp. He would be happy to have everyone get a living salary, have a government paid house free, free utilities, free food and medical. If you wanted to work you could, but it is not mandatory.

Tom Udall doesn’t address inflation. Inflation steals the money right out of your bank account. Inflation helps run the cost of what you buy up so it would take four part time jobs to pay the bill. Tom Udall wants to run up the cost of your electric and fuel. Tom Udall won’t address the massive inflation causing machine called the Federal Reserve. Tom Udall lets the EPA run wild and demand businesses do extraordinary things to address global climate change and global warming which runs costs up and make your check go shorter. By supporting big government, big expensive and intrusive government, Tom Udall takes more out of your check. He knows how he wants to spend your money, just give it all to him.

If you want to help families you better change the government policies that regulate business. Everyone knows that you don’t want to start a business now, and you definitely don’t want to start a business in America and have to employ people. It is too costly, too litigious, and too much trouble. Easier to put your money in the Federal Reserve fueled stock market. All the rich people are – courtesy of Tom Udall.

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