Tom Udall’s ObamaCare Disincentivizes Work and Hurts Seniors

 Posted:  July 22, 2014

There have been millions of words written about ObamaCare since it was signed into law.

This short little article appeared in a recent Huffington Post edition, and though short on words, is long on meaning.

Tom Udall doesn’t talk about ObamaCare. He has been rated high by Senior groups largely because he hasn’t accepted that the Social Security Ponzi scheme will collapse unless modified. You can’t have more people drawing Social Security and less paying into it for too long before you will see it flounder.

Even the Huffington Post knows enough to run an article on the upcoming ObamaCare consequences, consequences postponed to meet election schedules.

Tom Udall knows about postponing consequences. He voted for ObamaCare and also voted for all the myriad of postponements, changes, exceptions, and fine tuning of the disaster.

He won’t talk about it during this election cycle except to insist that it is just fine and a perfect success. Voters who have been paying attention know that this is just not so.

Looking down the road, ObamaCare has some nasty bumps in store for employers, the young, the old.

Remember, you have to pass the bill to find out what is in it …

Full article here >>>.

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