Tom Udall’s Politics of Envy

 Posted:  October 18, 2014

Every other word out of the Tom Udall campaign focuses on the fact that your neighbor makes more than you do. This is a very unfair country because someone has more than you do. In fact, you can almost bet that they took it from you in the night when you weren’t looking.

In a free society, as the linked article suggests, people get rich by providing goods and services that make our lives better and because they can sell it to us at a price we want to pay. We should be glad people are getting rich because we are getting access to inventions and things that would never have been created except for the profit motive.

To listen to Tom Udall, the rich corporations are getting more than they deserve and he is protecting you by voting “yes” on all kinds of legislation that lets them do things that make them more financially profitable day after day. Corporations are just following the laws that Congress writes for them.

The idea of Tom Udall is that somehow the government can make us all equal, all happy, and all pleased with life. You just take something from this guy since he has too much and give it to this other guy who has so little. You don’t wonder about how the rich guy has gone to school, worked late at night, took risks and chances, and might have failed on his own dime a few dozen times before hitting the right number. You are only concerned about re-distributing the wealth and making people happy.

It is a little childish in the end.

In a free society, people make choices, fail, start again, experiment, learn.

In a government controlled society, there are all kinds of barriers and switches that only the government controls.

We don’t want Tom Udall in charge of the light switch in our house. If we disagree with his ideology, he will leave us in the dark. We don’t want Tom Udall to pay our light bill. That is something we will do for ourselves.

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