Tom Udall’s Poor Boy Act is Getting Old

 Posted:  November 4, 2014

Trying to control who gives and who gets money in Congress is one of Tom Udall’s biggest goals. In fact, he has been instrumental in pushing to make sure that Senate Democrats get to run the table against opposition through his filibuster reform and campaign finance reform initiatives. We don’t have a problem with gridlock at all because gridlock means that Tom Udall won’t be able to spend all he likes to spend on all kinds of programs that usually revolve around alternative energy, national healthcare, controlling education in your schools.

If you think Tom Udall is a poor politician you need to look at the money he has raised and spent in this election. If you believe in fairness, you have to wonder how incumbents are ever beaten when they are outspent three to four times. That means that Tom Udall has more money to buy ads, send out mailers, hire volunteers to stand on street corners with his signs, and support his campaign.

When will New Mexico decide that enough is enough, that we don’t need a career politician in Washington who caters to the lawyer lobby and votes for legislation that enables them to get rich.

Is it any wonder that Tom Udall votes for immigration change, healthcare, change, energy change, social change? All this change puts Americans in conflict with their government and requires courts and lawyers to fix the resulting issues. Lawyers are most supportive of Tom Udall and it is clear why.

With a friend like Tom in Congress, your life gets very easy if you are a lawyer. You make money regardless of what side of the issue you are on.

Just retire Tom Udall and let him go to work for a law firm or become a lobbyist himself, just like over half of retiring Congressmen and women already do.

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